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Dream Agritech Consultancy Services is a group of consultants who aims to serve and bridge the gap between prospective investors and the Philippine Agriculture industry. Dream Agritech provides services that enable investors to optimize the return on their investment by creating a bespoke farming system that suits both the farm and the investor’s vision for it.


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We provide services that cover the whole spectrum of farming. Dream Agritech will be with you all the way to help turn your dream farm into a reality.

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Idle to Ideal

Currently, 1.1 billion square meters of agricultural land in the Philippines are idle. Dream Agritech's mission is to turn these lands into a food and resource producing Utopia.

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Seed Money

Plant your seed and watch it grow. A bountiful harvest is sure to be had with proper planning and management that Dream Agritech provides.

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Dream Agritech Service Survey

A series of questions about the current status of labor services at the farm level. Let us know how we can help you!






Paskilan is the Tagalog word for billboard. In line with Dream Agritech's vision of helping anyone plant, grow and harvest; we will be featuring other agripreneurs who are looking to broaden their customer base.

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You should stop thinking about investing in Agriculture; with Dream Agritech it's a no-brainer!