Our Services

We provide services that cover the whole spectrum of farming. Dream Agritech will be with you all the way to help turn your dream farm into a reality.

Farm Planning 

Similar to a blueprint/operations manual, this allows a farm owner to run their farm basing all their operations through this handbook. Creation of these bespoke farm plans allows the owner to maintain a large degree of control on the direction of the farm while providing the owner technical advisory services that suits the needs of the farm.

Retainer and Monitoring

In order to properly assess if the farm plan or that the farm operations schedules are being followed, Dream Agritech conducts regular visits to the farms availing of this service, providing the owners with weekly reports on the status on the farm, performing needs assessment and recommending interventions like Pest management strategies for newly identified pests, trainings, construction and the like to improve the farming system and elevate farm production and sustainability.

Farm Management

To ensure the success of the client’s farm, Dream Agritech provides technical advisory to the farm manager to help implement the farm plan. Farm managers provide daily diagnostic services along with human resource management for the proper upkeep and improvement of the farm.

Farm managers also provide regular reports to the farm owners, allowing them to be kept abreast of the current situation at the farm, even if they are away from it.

Training and Seminars

Equipping the owners, farmhands and other interested members of the community on the latest technological advancements and techniques in agriculture can only improve the production and help stoke interest in agriculture.

Dream Agritech sees this opportunity and thus we offer this service.  All trainings are conducted by professional agriculturists with extensive experiences in their fields. This is to ensure the extension of updated technologies as well as sustainable practices.