Cacao Mother Pods


ICS40 (sweetest), K9, UF667, UIT1, Criollo Makiling Red, Criollo Makiling Green, NSIC Varieties: 1,000 Php Each

Cacao Pods: 50 PhP each

-multi-rootstocked, 36cm soft pots

Fruit Trees

Jessie's Calamansi (big), Vietnam White Pomelo, Nenita Pomelo, Key Limes, Thailand Lemon, Meyer Lemon, Malaysian Less Latex Jackfruit, Thailand Red Sun Jackfruit

Multi-rootstocked, 36cm soft pots


Arabica Mother Tree: 1,000 PhP each

Maroon Liberica, Red Liberica, Peach Liberica, Excelsa (Barako): 100 PhP each

Robusta: 50 PhP each

Multi-rootstocked, 36cm soft pots


250php each (regular price)

240php each (wholesale - 1000pcs)

Seedling bag 2.5x7 (pick-up) or Cocopeat-less (lbc)

Minimum order: 50pcs

Shipping & handling fee: 600php (5-7 working days processing upon receipt of payment) for 50pcs

Various Plants

Dragonfruit cuttings (Red, White): 50 Php

Dragonfruit plant (10-20 fruits): 1,000 Php

Insulin Plant: 500 Php

Sabah Snake Grass: 500 Php

Angel Grass: 500 Php

Madre-de-Cacao (air-layered): 50 Php


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