Dakila Olfindo

Dax is an Agriculture graduate from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, a licensed Agriculturist and a member of Young Professionals for Agricultural Development.

He majored in Horticulture specializing in Crop Production and Management of Fruit and Plantation Crops. A former researcher and farm manager, Dax hopes to apply the experiences and practices he has gained towards improving farm practices here in the Philippines.

He also recently worked for a foundation as its Enterprise Development Director and He has also been blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend various international fora and exhibitions, giving him two vantage points in the field of agriculture; a unique look into the current situation of the Filipino farmer and a global perspective, as well.

He is the founder of Dream Agritech Consultancy Services. The firm is comprised of Agriculture graduates from different fields. 

He is an advocate of using idle lands and turning them into productive farms. This is to enhance food security whilst educating the people about scientific and sustainable agriculture. Dax aims to help elevate agriculture as a viable career option for those who are looking for opportunities.