Idle to Ideal


We aim to achieve this through the establishment of lease contracts for highly viable agricultural lands that are left untended or any space that can accommodate annual and perennial crops or livestock. A short lease, typically 3-5 years will aid in reshaping an idle space into something that will benefit the community. 


Dream Agritech envisions environmental greening through agricultural production both in rural and urban spaces to help communities achieve local food security and diversity.


Turn idle lands to farms

Finding idle but viable lands; always taking into consideration ecological balance Conversion of these lands into farms with proper farm planning Implementation and Monitoring Finding a market for the produce; finding a fair price to benefit the farmer. 

Training and employing the next generation of farmers (with special focus on Out of school youth and Women)

  • Science-based farming methods
  • Community growing schemes
  • Sustainable Agriculture Guidelines
  • Backyard farming

Creating/finding a market for the produce

  • Online market
  • Weekend Markets
  • Institutional buyers