The Fight for Independence


Every June 12th we, as a nation, commemorate the declaration of independence. However, we are still fighting to liberate ourselves from things that keep us in bondage.

Most Filipinos are still enslaved by poverty. It has been a struggle since time immemorial and we have yet to conquer it. We have seen an uptick in economic performance indicators, with a lot of credit agencies upgrading us and touting the potential that this country holds. We, as modern day liberators, must strive to convert this potential into real, tangible gains that will be felt by every Filipino. There is this quote: “If you want to see how prosperous a nation is, one should look at their farmers.” We should all work together to achieve liberty from poverty, and I firmly believe that the Agricultural Sector is ripe for harvest. It’s all a matter of execution and perseverance.

Inequality of access also hold Filipino farmers captive. Lack of access to credit, market and technology still hinder the maximization of potential of the Filipino farm. Giving every Filipino farmer access, opportunities and equipping them with the tools that are necessary for success will go a long way in establishing food and economic stability. As an archipelago, with no shared borders, this is of utmost importance and a key to our survival as a nation. A hungry nation is something that we must avoid becoming, at all costs.

But the biggest thing that still imprisons us, is the lack of cohesive action. We must be united, from the top of the government up to the common Filipino farmer, in seeking progress for our nation. Enough of the “me against the world” mentality, when it should be “we.” It is time for the Philippines to unite for one cause, liberating this country from poverty and inequality.

For me, true independence is when the common Filipino, can aspire and go after his/her dreams without trepidation. True independence is when a family is able to forge their own paths, not having to worry about oppression or inability to pursue their goals.

The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental right of every human being. If we are able to provide this for our countrymen; only then, can we really call ourselves free.


Dakila Olfindo is the Founder of Dream Agritech