Filipino para sa Filipino




Dream Agritech started with a dream: to be able to help the Agriculture industry through helping realize plans that were made using the knowledge acquired from the university, experiences and unique perspective from each member of the group.

This comes from our unified thought that the Filipino can succeed in Agriculture, given that they have a systematic approach to farming from the collective wisdom of academicians, scientists and the veteran farmers from our fields and farms

Our group aims to be able to impart that knowledge to those who will use it, to increase investor confidence in Agriculture.

This upcoming project started to take shape when someone left a message on our Facebook page. This person relayed the situation of their coffee farm in Laguna, that it has been left untended and left with no one to take care of it. Thousands of coffee plants left unmanaged due to the lack of resources for farm operations.

From this, discussions began between Dream Agritech and EntrePinoy FZE as to how we will be able to help farms and plantations like this one, because we are certain that there are a lot of farms in the same situation.

To start this project, we are inviting you to share the story of your farms, your plantations, that are in need of help, support and care. We are looking for farms like the coffee farm in Laguna, that we could potentially help.

You can leave a comment here on this post or send us a message through our Facebook page.

Maraming Salamat po! Mabuhay ang Agrikultura!

Mabuhay ang Filipino, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Dax Olfindo