Dream Agritech Consultancy Services and EntrePinoy FZE, partner up for stronger, inclusive, and sustainable Philippine agriculture.

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Dream Agritech Consultancy Services and EntrePinoy FZE, through Ms. Hyden Restificar signed a Memorandum of Agreement to further improve the state of Agriculture in the Philippines and to provide better and more sustainable investment options for our countrymen abroad.

The partnership will serve as a means for Filipinos abroad to contribute to the development of the Philippines beyond remittances and a lifeline to farmers who desperately need help. By supporting our farmers, patronizing and elevating our homegrown products to a global stage, our country serves to benefit from the partnership by being able to affect the lives of the people that feed an entire nation.



Entrepinoy FZE is a privately owned distribution company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Launched in November 2016, it envisions becoming a preferred distributor of socially responsible and high-quality Philippine products in the international market.

In coordination with the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) in Dubai, Entrepinoy is a direct response to the Overseas Filipino Workers - Reintegration Programme (OFW-RP) that aims to help Overseas Filipinos (OFs) in the UAE prepare for alternative employment or business activity upon their return to the country while helping build communities by creating job opportunities for OFs' families and relatives in the Philippines.

Entrepinoy’s ambition is not only to help OFs access a unique investment opportunity and inspire entrepreneurship but also the impoverished communities in the Philippines. This is through financing these communities to produce socially responsible and high-quality products while giving them an opportunity to profit.



Dream Agritech is a group composed of professionals from different fields, gathered with the purpose of encouraging investment in the Agriculture sector by providing technical support services, helping realize the unique vision of each client.

Turning idle agricultural lands into productive parcels of land to enhance food security is one of the driving forces behind this company, with a strong emphasis on creating sustainable farming systems, helping further elevate the entire industry, especially the various professions along the production and value chain, enticing a new generation of Agriculture professionals and helping address the issue of an aging workforce.

Under the terms of this partnership, both companies will be actively seeking opportunities in the Philippines and the UAE. OFWs in the UAE can now get in touch with Entrepinoy and they will be helping our kababayans learn more about Dream Agritech and their services. Dream Agritech, on the other hand, will help Entrepinoy seek investment opportunities in the Philippines, according to their own thrust and their reintegration program.

Both companies are united in reinvigorating the Agriculture industry, making inclusive growth be felt in the countryside through investments, food production and elevation of Philippine products to a global stage.