Jasper still believes in the Dream


This is an excerpt from a motivation letter sent in by Jasper Alpuerto.

He is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree in Crop, Soil and Environmental Science at Virginia Tech.

As for my motivation to be in this team, I started to study and work in agriculture and other related disciplines to be able to contribute with food security and crop improvement. So far, I believe I am barely scratching the surface of how much I have to learn and I believe I am still way far behind in achieving the goal of contributing something out there for the farmers and consumers. I am still working on it and I won't give up until I am able to reach that goal. I joined this team because I believe I can contribute to the mission-vision of the group. I would like the group to grow and be known for helping farmers and consumers to understand and be productive in agriculture and other related fields particularly food security. I want to go back in the Philippines and see that the younger generation won't have the same image as they have now of farmers. They need us to continue and pursue our goals because I believe without us, the future generation will be doomed

It is an honor to have you on our team, Jasper.