Why do we do it?



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It's a question I ask myself everyday.

Why go through all the growing pains of a start-up? Why submit yourself and set yourself up for bone-crushing defeats at almost every turn? Why?

And don't get me wrong, I am not being pessimistic here, it's just reality. Every one who has been part of a start-up, especially those who conceptualized and started the company, can relate because that company is a huge part of them. It is their way of offering themselves to the world, and oftentimes, the world rejects them. There are a lot of start-ups that have failed.

People say that I am fortunate to have found my purpose early. Yes, that is true. But as much as it is a compass, it is also an anchor, meaning it is heavy. 

When you encounter disappointments, when you fail to reach targets, it weighs so much heavier and it will really bear down on you, because you find out that even if you know your way, getting there is a whole adventure on its own. 

For me, why I still continue, it's simple: How can I give up, when there's still a lot of work to do?

For all of the talk about the rise of other industries, one industry has been put in the back-burner. When we check out our social media feeds, we see news on tech, communications, automobiles and the like. Rarely do we see news about agriculture.

Yes, there are accounts like Tasty and food shows that more or less show the finished product, the food; but the process of how it got to that table and how much work was put into producing that piece of lettuce or bacon that they used for their Creamy Potato Salad is not featured. Salad and Bacon, oxymoron haha! (or is it really)

I think this is a huge contributor to food wastage as people are less aware of the hard work that goes into producing food. This is one of the things we want to change. We want people to value food. We want people to make more sound decisions when it comes to consuming food. Responsible consumption can be attained, information is the key.

And with an aging farmer populace, we really cannot afford to stop. We need more people to champion the cause for Agriculture. We need people to encourage would-be investors in Agriculture to really get into it without the fear of lack of support. We need people in Agriculture to step up and provide support to these people who need it the most and transfer the knowledge that they have for our own sake.

The world also has to know that being in Agriculture is one of the most profitable business venture you can ever get into.

But I do get it, not everyone is into farming. To each his own passion, I understand completely. But at the very least, I want, no, I need Agriculture to be appreciated and for the people who work for this industry appreciated.

That way, people who are still finding their way might find themselves here in Agriculture. People might be inspired to get into farming, while pursuing their own dreams as well. Like me.

I was not supposed to be here, and yet here I am.

Here's to finding our Ikigai.